Can You Watch Twitter on TV?

Can You Watch Twitter on TV?


While there isn’t a dedicated Twitter app for most smart TVs yet, there are a few ways to partially watch Twitter content on your TV:


Solution to Can You Watch Twitter on TV?


Mirroring from Apple Devices


  • If you have an Apple device like an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you can use AirPlay to mirror your screen onto your TV, as long as your TV supports AirPlay (or AirPlay 2 for Android TVs).
  • This allows you to view the Twitter app on your TV, but the experience might not be optimized for the larger screen.


Using the Twitter App on Smart TVs (Limited functionality)


  • There is a Twitter app available for some smart TVs like Fire TV and Apple TV. However, their functionality is limited.
  • For example, the Fire TV app doesn’t allow searching for tweets or browsing your feed. It mainly focuses on watching live-streamed Twitter videos.


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Third-party Apps


  • Some third-party apps like or Tagboard allow you to create customized feeds of tweets and display them on your TV.
  • These apps offer more flexibility than the native Twitter apps on smart TVs but might require a subscription.


Watching Specific Content


  • If you’re interested in watching specific live-streamed events or videos shared on Twitter, you can often find them embedded on other platforms like YouTube or news websites.
  • You can then watch these videos directly on your TV through those platforms’ apps.


Future Developments

  • Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, has mentioned that a dedicated Twitter video app for smart TVs is in the works, but there’s no confirmed release date yet.


While watching the full Twitter experience on your TV isn’t yet possible, there are some workarounds to access specific content or mirror your device’s screen.


Keep an eye out for future developments from Twitter itself!


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