How to Suggest Friends on Facebook

How to Suggest Friends on Facebook

Facebook doesn’t offer a direct “suggest friends” feature anymore, but there are still ways to connect your friends who might enjoy knowing each other!

How to Suggest Friends on Facebook

Here are three options:

Share Profile Links

  • On Desktop: Visit the profile of the person you want to introduce. Copy the URL from the address bar. In a message to your other friend, paste the link and write a brief introduction, encouraging them to connect.
  • On Mobile: Open the profile you want to share. Tap the three dots and choose “Copy Link.” Send the link in a message with a personal introduction.


Introduce Them in a Group Message

  • Create a new message with both friends included. Start a conversation, mentioning their shared interests or reasons why you think they’d get along. This encourages natural interaction and reduces pressure.


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Use Messenger’s “Suggest Friends” Feature


Use Messenger's "Suggest Friends" Feature
Using Facebook Messenger’s “Suggest Friends” Feature


  • While there’s no option on profiles, Messenger has a “Suggest Friends” feature within groups or chats. Create a group chat with both friends, tap the “Pencil” icon, select “Suggest Friends,” and choose the other friend to suggest. This sends a notification about the potential connection.


Keep In Mind

  • Respect privacy and only connect people who might genuinely enjoy knowing each other.
  • Avoid forceful introductions that could feel awkward.
  • Let them decide if they want to connect after your nudge.


I hope this helps with your quest for how to suggest friends on Facebook!

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