X Advanced Search: Find Posts, Hashtags and Trending Topics

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You can get to “X Advanced Search” by clicking on it right below “Search Filters” in the upper right corner of the page of results or by going to “More Options” and then picking “Advanced Search.”

How to do an advanced search on X (Twitter)?

Here’s how to use the search feature: 1

Start a Basic Search

  • Go to Twitter’s website.
  • Use the search bar in the top-right corner to perform a basic search using a keyword or phrase.

Access Advanced Search

  • On the search results page, find the “Search filters” menu usually located on the right side.
  • Click on “Advanced search” to access the detailed search options.

Use Word Filters

In the “Words” section, you can search by:

  • All of these words
  • This exact phrase
  • Any of these words
  • None of these words
  • These hashtags
  • Written in (language)

Focus on Accounts

Under “Accounts”, specify or exclude accounts to refine your results.

  • From these accounts
  • To these accounts
  • Mentioning these accounts

Apply Additional Filters

Utilize additional filter options for more specificity:

  • Engagements: Choose to show or exclude tweets based on replies and links.
  • Dates: Set a particular date range to focus your search on a specific time frame.

Execute Search and Filter Results

  • Click the “Search” button.
  • Your results will appear, and you can further filter them using tabs like “Top”, “Latest”, “People”, “Photos”, and “Videos”.

Save Searches (Optional)

  • To retain a search for future reference, click on “+ Save search” on the right-hand side of your search query.
  • Remember, you can save up to 25 searches per account.


Where is advanced search on X mobile?

How to Access Twitter’s Advanced Search. X’s Advanced Search is a great tool to use for research, but it’s only available on Twitter’s web app. You cannot access it using the mobile app on Android or iOS. 2


How can I see tweets without an account?

Search X Without an Account. On Twitter’s Explore page, the search bar is also available. You can type any keyword (like a topic or username) in the search bar to look for something on X. When you enter a word and click the Enter key, the search results will display in the Top tab by default. 3


How do you do advanced search on X 2023?

How to Do a X Advanced Search in 2023

You should input your query into the search box on X’s homepage and tap on ‘Advanced Search. ‘ You can find this in the search filters’ upper-right on the results page. Unfortunately, a user cannot access the comprehensive Twitter search function directly from the X mobile app. As at the time of writing this answer. 4


Why doesn’t X advanced search work?

Using an outdated version of the X app can also cause Twitter advanced search not to work. Therefore, you need to check for updates and update the X app to the latest version. Sometimes, there may exist some bugs in your device or the Twitter app.5


What does X advanced search include?

With Advanced Search, users can search for tweets based on various criteria, including keywords, hashtags, user accounts, location, and more. 6


How do you search for a specific word in someone’s tweet?

How to search through someone’s tweets:

  • Head to the X advanced search page.
  • A pop-up will appear with a variety of text boxes.
  • Scroll back up to Words and specify what keywords or phrases you want to search that user’s tweets for. 7


Can you search tweets by date?

Type the user and dates into the search bar.

Use this format to customize your search: from:[user name] since:YYYY-MM-DD until:YYYY-MM-DD. For example, you could search your friends (JohnDoe) tweets from the past month by typing “from:JohnDoe since:2021-11-03 until:2021-12-03.” 8


How to see someone’s old tweets?

Use X’s Advanced Search. Twitter’s advanced search feature is the easiest and most comprehensive way to search Twitter for old tweets on your or anyone else’s profile. You can search X using multiple filters, including date, keyword, places, and accounts. 9


How do I remove 18+ content on X on iPhone?

If you’re using X on a mobile app, just tap your profile icon. Select Settings and Support, then Settings and privacy. Click Privacy and safety, then Content you see. Check the box next to Display media that may contain sensitive content (or uncheck it to stop seeing it). 10


Can someone see if you view their X 2023?

You cannot see who viewed your Twitter profile, only the number of visits. Twitter doesn’t provide this information to protect user privacy. The only way to see how people engage with your tweets is through retweets, likes, replies, and follows. 11


Can you see someones X account without having one?

How can I follow someone on Twitter without having an account?

Simply use the X app or a web browser to view their account handle unless it is set to private. You just need their username if it’s a public X account. 12


Does X advanced search work on private accounts?

Twitter does not allow you to search private accounts if you’re not already following the account. There’s no workaround to see tweets from private accounts. 13


Can you get banned on X for searches?

If you have violated any Twitter rules or policies, such as spamming or posting inappropriate content, this can result in a search suggestion ban. Repeated searches: If you are performing too many searches in a short period, this can trigger a search suggestion ban. 14


How can you tell if someone has a X account?

You can search for a person’s Twitter account by typing their email into Twitter’s search bar at the top of the page.15 To locate a person’s Twitter account using their email, input the email address into the Twitter search bar at the page’s top. Nonetheless, the efficacy of this method is notably limited since it only works if the individual has enabled email searchability through their Privacy and Safety settings.


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