“I’m not retiring” – A.J

British-Nigerian boxer Anthony Joshua has dismissed speculation he will retire if he loses again to Oleksandr Usyk in their clash on Saturday. AJ, who lost all of his belts to the Ukrainians last September, will seek to reclaim the titles but there is much speculation that he could lose again.


Sports analysts predicts the 32-year-old will retire if he loses the rematch, an allusion that angered the former world champion.


AJ said, as per Daily Post:

“I respect people’s opinion. But I don’t want to retire. I’ve got one of the biggest fights of my life coming up, and if you were thinking about retiring, it would put massive doubt in your mind. “People will always ask the question, but I still want to continue. I love it. “If I was losing to some has-been, then yes. But it’s crazy to talk about retiring because I lost to one of the best fighters in the world. What sort of nonsense is that?”


Anthony Joshua is set to return to the ring this weekend as a faces to face Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk again after loosing last year at the Tottenham stadium in September last year.

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