Silverbird Founder receives backlash over Peter Obi comments

Supporters of Labour Party Presidential Hopeful Peter Obi has condemned Ben Bruce for tweeting about Obi’s comments at the NBA conference.

Supporters of Labor presidential candidate Peter Obi have criticized Sliverbird Group founder Ben Murray for commenting on Peter Obi’s use of the word ‘articulated’ in his speech.

Peter Obi said during a speech at the Nigerian Bar Association conference on Monday that Nigeria needs good leadership as the country is in turmoil.

“You need to have a visionary, articulated and competent leadership to start turning around this” Obi stated.

Following Obi’s usage of the word ‘articulated,’ Ben Bruce via his Twitter handle, said “Peter Obi Endorses Atiku at NBA Conference!” 

Bruce’s interpretation had generated backlash from Obi’s supporters on Twitter.

A tweep, thegirlng said, ‘’I honestly hope that this account is hacked, bcos(sic) a man of ur(sic) caliber, who is well respected and held in high esteem should not put himself in a situation that will attract disrespect. Making fun of PO is as good as making fun of Nigerian youths and our struggles. Let’s be guided.’’

Trying to explain the meaning of the word, another tweep said, ‘’Articulation is an English word of which he used while addressing them, he was not referring to Atiku. You can’t deceive us, we the Obidient are wise. Go and rest sir.’’

‘’Sir, you may be supporting Atiku based on your personal choice & conviction, that’s absolutely fine. But to share a twisted video to push your course is a no-no. This is spreading falsehood. You are definitely better than this.’’ Chris Emoghene tweeted.

Source: Punch

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