Assassination threats against me, Peter Obi claims

The Labour Party’s presidential candidate for 2023, Peter Obi, asserted that he had been informed repeatedly that a particular group of people wanted to take his life.

He made the revelation during an interview with Njenje Media TV.

“I have been told several times, ‘Peter, these people are going to kill you, don’t do what you are doing”. He stated.

“I have even been called and told I am causing confusion.”

The Coalition of South East Youth Leaders, or COSEYL, issued a warning against purported terrorist assassination plans targeting Obi earlier in June.

In a statement released by the coalition’s president-general, Goodluck Ibem, it was reported that some terrorists informed their abducted victims who had been let free that they had decided to assassinate Obi because of his decision to run for president in 2023, claiming Obi was a threat.

In response to the threat, COSEYL stated that Peter Obi has the constitutional right to run for any political office of his choice as a genuine Nigerian citizen, warning that doing otherwise could spark a conflict.

Part of the statement reads:, “Nobody should think that he or she has a monopoly of violence. That we are peaceful does not mean that we are weak or senseless.

“Mr. Peter Obi as a bonafide citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and born in Nigeria has the constitutional right to contest for any political office he deems fit and nobody can stop that.

“Anyone who thinks he wants to attack Peter Obi is sick and the sickness will be treated appropriately at the right time.

“Only a wicked and idiotic person will be comfortable with the current state of the nation. Our country is in dire need of a drastic change that will turn things for good and some people are plotting to make matters worse because of their selfish agenda.

“We want these criminals to know that even a mad man is owned by some people and if you touch him thinking that as a mad man roaming on the street, he has nobody, his real owners will come out to defend him.

“We call on the security agencies to immediately move into action and arrest the real criminals plotting to assassinate Mr Peter Obi just because he is contesting for the office of the President which he is eminently qualified to do so. Enough said!”

Source: Sahara Reporters

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