How To Recover Old Facebook Account

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Looking for How To Recover Old Facebook Account? Find out how to get back into your old Facebook account step by step, even if you’ve forgotten your login information, had your account hacked, or had it disabled. You can move through different recovery scenarios and look at simple, doable options. Whether you need to reset your password, get back into an account that was hacked, or make a profile active again after it was blocked, we have complete, easy-to-follow instructions to get you back to your digital social space

Recovering an old Facebook account might be crucial if it holds important messages, pictures, or contacts. Facebook provides a few mechanisms for account recovery:

If You Know Your Login Details

  1. Direct Login:
    • Navigate to the Facebook website or app.
    • Enter your email address, phone number, or username.
    • Input your password and click on “Log In”.
  2. Password Recovery:
    • If you’ve forgotten your password, click on “Forgotten Password?”.
    • Enter your email address or phone number to search for your account.
    • Choose a method (email or SMS) to receive the password reset code.
    • Enter the code and reset your password, then login with the new password.

If Your Account Was Hacked

  1. Go to the Account Recovery Page:
  2. Identify Your Account:
    • Enter your email, phone number, username, or full name in the search box and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Verify Your Identity:
    • You may be asked to identify friends based on their tagged photos or answer security questions.
    • If you’re successful, you can reset your password and recover your account.

If Your Account Is Disabled

  • Understand the Difference:
    • Facebook accounts can be disabled either by Facebook (for violating Facebook’s Community Standards) or by the user voluntarily.
  • For Accounts Disabled by Facebook:
    • Visit Facebook’s help center for disabled accounts.
    • Click on “Submit an Appeal” if you believe your account was wrongly disabled.
    • Fill out the form, providing the required identification and any additional information.
    • Submit the form and wait for Facebook’s response via email.
  • For Accounts Disabled by User:
    • If you’ve deactivated your account and want to reactivate it, just log in using your last known login credentials (email/phone and password).
    • Your profile will be restored (although it might take some time for all content to be visible again).

If You Can’t Log In

  1. Reset Your Password:
    • On the login page, click on “Forgotten Password?” and follow the instructions above for password recovery.
  2. Confirm Your Identity:
    • If password recovery is unsuccessful, Facebook may provide other methods to confirm your identity, such as recognizing friends’ pictures or answering security questions.
  3. Use Trusted Contacts:
    • If you have set up Trusted Contacts, you can ask them to help you recover your account.

For Other Issues

If the methods above do not work, you can seek further assistance:

  • Use Facebook’s Help Center: Navigate to Facebook’s Help Center and search for solutions or explanations regarding specific problems.
  • Use the Report Feature: If you encounter a technical problem, you might be able to report it directly through the user interface.

Remember to be patient, as the recovery process might take some time, especially if manual review is involved. Always ensure you are adhering to Facebook’s terms of service to avoid future issues with your account.

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