UFC: Nigerian Nightmare, Usman loses title with KO loss to Edwards

Edwards defeated Nigeria’s Kamaru Usman in the main event of UFC 278 on Sunday morning at the Vivint Smart Home Arena in Salt Lake City, USA, to become Britain’s second UFC champion.

Seven years ago, Usman defeated Edwards as part of the Nigerian Nightmare’s 19-game winning streak to claim the UFC’s Pound for Pound King title.

Edwards also entered the game on an undefeated streak, winning nine in a row while patiently waiting for his first title fight.

But the Jamaican-born Briton avenged a loss to Usman in 2015, scoring a vicious kick just seconds before the five-bout clash, leaving Utah as the welterweight world champion.

The fight began with both fighters turning caution to the wind and a confident Usman landing big punches to Edward’s face and side. The Englishman countered and blocked Usman by scoring his clean hit.

The fight was far from over as the 4th round ended with a 3-1 win and only had to avoid a knockout to retain his title and face the greatest MMA of all time, Anderson Silva with six consecutive title defenses.

However, in round 5, it seemed unlikely as the Englishman tricked and tricked Usman into taking advantage of the opening with a solid left kick to Usman’s head, putting the “Nigerian Nightmare” to rest early.


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