Why Muslim Muslim ticket a problem for Nigeria

Dr. Cosmos Ilechukwu, Executive Director of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, says tickets of the same faith, either Christian to Christian or Muslim to Muslim, do not bode well for Nigeria’s unity and future.

Ilechukwu announced the group’s position at a State of the Union press conference held at the PFN State Secretariat in Lagos on Thursday.

He said the decision by some political parties to choose the same faith would only further jeopardize the country’s future.

In a report sighted, a guide embedded in a flyer outlining four key areas for Christian voters to consider before voting. The areas are character, competence, capacity and policies of the candidate or party.

The statement read, “The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria reaffirms its position that the same-faith ticket can, in no way, be justified, as it is not in the interest of Nigeria, as it further jeopardises the prospects of peaceful coexistence and building of a united nation.

“PFN has never been in the business of endorsing candidates and will not be doing so in the 2023 elections. However, it will continue to mobilise the church to ensure full participation in the political process by all Christians, while encouraging all our members to vote in line with what is best for Nigeria and the church at all levels, with the framework prepared by the Christian Association of Nigeria as a guide. The fellowship will continue to be open-minded and broad-minded, leaving the door of engagement with all political parties open, so that all the issues that are holding back the development and unity of Nigeria can be comprehensively addressed.”

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