Robbers attacks Bank in Kogi

Gunmen armed with high-performance weapons robbed a bank in Ankpa Local Government Area, Kogi State on Tuesday afternoon.

The robbers supposedly numerous took the community by storm and operated for nearly an hour unchallenged.

“In Ankpa LG of Kogi State today, Armed robbers stormed the banks and operated for close to an hour unchallenged.

“They moved from one bank to the other and left the town in bullet shells. Police and other security operators in Ankpa town ran away for their own lives,” a source in the community told Reporters.

Police and other security officials are said to have fled the scene due to the robber’s sophisticated weapon firepower.

There have been many bank robberies in Kogi in recent times, most of them fatal.

According to reports, the robbers were said to be armed numbering more than 20 where armed with AK47s and explosives.

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