Perceived Coup: China’s President reportedly under House arrest

Unofficial sources from China has revealed surprising information about Xi Jinping, the president of the South Asian nation.

It is reported that The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) may have placed President Xi Jinping under house arrest, according to tweets from Chinese accounts, even though the Chinese media has not confirmed the rumors.

The news comes a day after Bloomberg reported that a Chinese court had convicted a former top security official to life in jail, bringing to an end a campaign against the “political clique” he headed against Xi Jinping just weeks before a pivotal Communist Party reshuffle.

An American-born Chinese human rights activist named Jennifer Zeng said in a video that the PLA was approaching Beijing.

Additionally, reports said that on Friday, almost 60% of flights in China were cancelled without a reason.

Meanwhile, a Chinese author Gordon Chang, who is also based in the US, quote tweeted Zeng’s video with reports of flights being grounded

According to flightradar, only domestic flights with lighter than typical traffic were visible flying in Chinese airspace at the time this report was filed.

Li Qiaoming, a general in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), was also mentioned in rumors as a potential replacement for Xi Jinping as premier.

More details soon.

Source: How news

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