British PM resigns after 45 days

After serving as U.K’s prime minister for 45 days (six weeks), Liz Truss announced her resignation.

Her tenure has been dominated by market turmoil caused by previous chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget announcement last month.

While some Conservative MPs publicly called for her resignation, many others privately hinted her time was up, according to Sky News.

The Conservative Party, which Truss leads, has criticized her for what they perceive as her “disastrous” economic strategy.

Truss apologized to Parliament and acknowledged she had made mistakes during her brief time serving as the UK’s head of government during Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday.

But while she was talking, some lawmakers urged her to resign.

But she insisted that she is “a fighter and not a quitter”.

“I have acted in the national interest to make sure that we have economic stability,” she said.

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