“Two Million” march support for Peter Obi holds in Port Harcourt

  1. The Garden City of Port Harcourt on Saturday was held to a stand still as Labour Party Presidential candidate, Peter Obi’s supporters staged a massive march, dubbed the “Two Million March”, to rally support for the candidate.


“Obi-dients”, as they were called, defied the downpour, marching from Eleme to Isaac Boro Park, blocking vehicular traffic in the process.

The group was led by Nollywood actress Hilda Dokubo, who chanted the “Obi-dient” tagline “We don’t give shishi, we don’t collect shishi”, to the excitement of the crowd.

Peter Obi himself acknowledged the rally, stating “We are watching as Port Harcourt, Auchi, Makurdi and Afikpo move OBIdiently today, under the sun and in the rain.”

“Constitutional rights to peaceful assembly are protected and must be respected by all. Our labours will never be in vain. I appreciate you all.”

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