Nigeria Ministers Allowances Increased

The Nigerian government, led by President Muhammad Buhari, has approved an increase in the Duty Tour Allowance (DTAs) for ministers, secretaries and civil servants in grades 1-17.

The new allowance was approved in a circular released on August 31 by Ekpo Nta, head of the National Salary, Earnings and Wages Commission.

The amended permit would go into effect on September 1, according to the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA).

The circular reads: “The president of the federal republic of Nigeria has approved the upward review of duty tour allowances applicable to Permanent Secretary/Equivalent from N20,0000 to N70,000, and to minister/SGF/HCSF/Equivalent from N35,000 to N80,000,” the circular reads.

“All enquiries relating to this circular should be directed to the commission.”

A breakdown of the new DTA as contained in the circular is presented below:

• GL 01-04 and its equivalent – N10,000 per diem

• GL 05-06 and its equivalent – N15,000 per diem

• GL 07-10 and its equivalent – N17,500 per diem

• GL 12-13 and its equivalent – N20,000 per diem

• GL 14-15 and its equivalent – N25,000 per diem

• GL 16-17 and its equivalent – N37,500 per diem

• Permanent secretary/equivalent – N70,000 per diem

• Minister/SGF/HCSF/equivalent – N80,000 per diem

This comes after President Buhari in August had said an urgent pay review of federal civil servants was needed due to high inflation rates around the world, as the country’s inflation rate surged to 19.64 percent in July 2022, up from 18.60 percent in the previous month, according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI).


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