Can Pinterest Go Dark Mode?

Can Pinterest Go Dark Mode?

Yes and no; it depends on how you’re using Pinterest.


Solution to Can Pinterest Go Dark Mode?


Mobile App



If you’re using the Pinterest app on your phone (iOS or Android), it can go into dark mode, but only by following your device’s system-wide dark mode setting.

So, if you enable dark mode on your phone, the Pinterest app will automatically switch to dark mode as well.




No built-in option:

Unfortunately, Pinterest itself doesn’t have a built-in dark mode option for the desktop website.


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Workarounds for Pinterest Dark Mode


Browser extensions


If you’re using Google Chrome, Firefox, or other browsers that support extensions, you can install a third-party dark mode extension like Dark Reader or Night Eye.

These extensions will convert the entire website, including Pinterest, to a dark theme.


Operating system settings


Depending on your operating system (Windows 10/11, macOS), you might have system-wide dark mode settings that can affect applications like your browser.

This can indirectly create a dark mode experience for Pinterest on the desktop.


Note worth keeping in mind


Since Pinterest does not officially support dark mode, using browser extensions or system-wide dark mode settings might not give you the best experience.

You might encounter some inconsistencies or visual glitches.


Pinterest has expressed interest in adding a native dark mode option in the future, but there’s no official information on when that might happen.


So, while you can’t directly enable dark mode within the Pinterest app on mobile or the website on desktop, there are workarounds available to achieve a similar effect.

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